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Introduction of Asymya by Réné Gaudette, text copied from the Asymya website:


We live in exciting times dear friends, the future of self empowerment and healing is bright. There is a healing technique being re-introduced to humanity today. This healing technique is called Asymya, and this site is the only place you'll find information about it at this time. Unlike healing techniques such as: Reiki, Radiance Technique©, Re-An©, CHIOS Healing, Quantum Touch, Cranio-Sacral Massage, and Qigong. Asymya, doesn't require an attunement or many years of meditative discipline or mastery of advanced breathing techniques in order to be performed. It doesn't offer any risk of temporarily acquiring the patient's disease or drain the healer's personal energy if done too often.

Some of today's energy healing methodologies have value, but most of these are dependent on the limitations of the individual performing the healing, they are based on belief structures, and this often limits the benefit. Asymya is a healing technique that doesn't limit the self and doesn't extend the limitations of the self in the healing. Asymya extends energy regardless of circumstance and regardless of limitations of the individual performing the healing.

Asymya is not a technique developed by a healer then passed down through tradition, like all of the other energy healing techniques available today. It was introduced to Humanity in September, 2005 during a session with The Wonders, a collective energy consciousness channeled exclusively by deep trance channeler Réné Gaudette, when asked what else could be done to enhance the overall health of people. Since then, Asymya has been taught to a select few individuals in Canada. However, it's now time to spread this healing technique to the rest of humanity.

Throughout the ages, the collective consciousness giving us Asymya has been called by many names but are now known as The Wonders. They have chosen to re-introduce Asymya to humanity once again.

For anyone on a journey of self-discovery, Asymya will give you the tools to create an environment necessary to open the door towards expanding your awareness, taking command of your life and healing yourself instantly, if you choose, and impact the greater consciousness of humanity. You can also perform Asymya on others with these same benefits.


Réné Gaudette and The Wonders

Transcript of the description of Asymya given to humanity by "The Wonders", text copied from the Asymya website:

"Asymya is that which connects everything to everything else. It is that which is and that which is not. It is that which allows and that which judges. It is in effect a methodology, if you want to call it that. That we have given to humanity to bring about a shift on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. So complete that free will and free choice manifests itself, but it must be done with the awareness of oneness within the self. The practitioner expresses the energy, the recipient must choose to use it, and to do so, it is done in oneness.

Could you call it universal energy?

You could, but it's more about oneness and connection. Universal energy has been so bandied about by so many individuals. It's best to call it by which we've called it.

How is this connection brought about?


So I open my awareness and get my mind out of the way and that is Asymya?

One half of it. The other half is: it must be chosen to be used. So when a practitioner uses Asymya. They are creating a human environment in which the recipient, the intended person on which the healing is being performed, can, if they choose, receive the energy within themselves and use it as they choose, but it also encompasses the healer. So therefore, the healer and the other , the healee - if you want to call them that - both have the opportunity to expand. To become one, so that separation no longer exists and if separation no longer exists anything is possible because then there is no longer the definition of judgment involved in the separation.

Do you want instantaneous healing? It is possible! What do you think the Nazarene was practicing when he was instantaneously healing individuals? It was Asymya! do you see? And we've given this to humanity many many times. It has been altered and shifted, it has been used and then dropped. Do you see? Now we are encouraging everyone in humanity to practice this. If every individual within the human race where to acquire this as a healing technique for themselves. Humanity's consciousness would shift instantaneously.

By being aware of that oneness?

There you go!

So it is a healing technique - methodology - if you want to call it that. That is not based on ritual though it has ritualistic perspectives within it. Do you see? And the ritualistic perspectives were given for the benefit of humanity's minds' judgment. Do you see? Eventually, as this progresses, we will give Asymya without any of that, but for now it's necessary. Do you see? So it is the interconnection of ourselves to yourselves. Yourselves to ourselves, and yourselves to yourselves, and yourselves to yourselves. Do you see?

In some other forms of healing, the healer feels that they are creating the effect.

This is not the case. There is a ritualistic perspective attached to the methodology of Asymya, and it is necessary at this point for it does present that interconnection between the mind and the knowing. Do you see? But beyond that, you must suspend the illusions of the mind. Do you see?

Can you comment on the limitations of the healing modalities we now have, such as: Reiki, pranic healing, re connective healing, Quantum Touch, QiGong, etc..?

First realize, yes, to one degree or another everyone of those healing modalities encourages the individual to perceive, assume if you want to call it that, that they are the ones affecting the healing. By that we mean E-FFECTING not A-FFECTING, and so there is an inherently built in psychology within that of course. The built in psychology exists within humanity itself. Because humanity always wants to see individuals create effect on them. Everyone of you, you would love it if God came down and said: "Whack! there you go, the effect is made, you are now this, you are now that." Wouldn't it be so wonderful if you could have that?

So you perceive the possibility. You, yourselves, your egos and all the individuals practicing this, their egos are perceiving themselves as capable then of creating this effect. Because their egos have to be stroked, they think themselves god, and of course because they think themselves god. They have to have the ability to create an effect on another. After all isn't that why individuals move through to healing? They want to be as close to god as possible if not be gods themselves? The whole concept of healing is that they can do what no one else can do which only god can do. What a load of poppycock!

The point is that when you create healing, regardless of the modality, what you are trying to do is you're trying to create an environment in which an individual can choose to heal themselves. The healing modalities that are out there, they are all designed to affect the ego of the individual practicing it rather than to create an effect on the individual that is getting it. That it does, in some cases, affect the individual getting it, is to the benefit of the individual.. that they chose to. They believe as strongly as the practitioner that they are capable of being healed. So one, believing strongly that they can be healed. The practitioner believing strongly that they can heal. The two come together and the resultant is. You do get results, but really, is it truly results or is it nothing more than a choice? and that's the key to understand.

All you're doing, through a lot of those healing modalities, is that you are complicating the simple choice, the choice to heal yourself. When the nazarene came by in your history. He didn't spend a whole lot of time complicating healing. He just basically said, he touched, he provided the environment and individuals chose to heal or not. Some did, some didn't. Not everyone he touched healed, there was healing in the sense that there were shifts and changes and choice but no, not complete healing. So really, do you really truly need the methodologies? Do you really truly need the techniques that fuel the mind. That say to the mind: "if i do this? if i do that? if i do it this way? if i do it that way? there are 12 positions or 12 steps or 12 programs. Then and only then, will i be able to affect an individual and their choices." Let go of your ego and realize that everything that is given, even in Asymya. When we gave Asymya, we gave an outward methodology. We gave that methodology, why? In order to satisfy the ego's desire for specific physical representation, but it is not, and this is what we encourage. We certainly will encourage individuals, and we have encouraged Jean-Louis Chevallier, the individual that we gave this to. We have encouraged him to realize and he has realized. It is not the necessary of the fingers or the positions that creates the healing. It is the energy movement itself, the environment you create.

Is Asymya related to any other healing technique or does it stand on its own?

It stands on its own. Because within the simplicity of itself it is that which interconnects everything that is to everything that is. It is a simple technique that brings about the opportunity for choice. That's all it does.

The person performing Asymya on another individual, are they just the conduit of that energy?

They're not even that. They are the oneness with the person it is being performed on. They are not separate and that's the key. The key to learning Asymya is to begin by learning the positions. We've described them. That satisfies and fuels your mind. Good little puzzle for the mind, the mind loves that puzzle. Then from there, you also learn to set aside the mind! You don't have any assumptions. You don't have any perspectives, you don't try to push anything towards the individual, you don't try to force the energy. The individual must choose freely.

So explore! play! have fun with it...and we will assure you. Asymya will change the world!"

© 2003-2007 Réné Gaudette, All Rights Reserved.